Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Since the establishment of Beautiful Gate Foundation, its effort is to enhance the quality life for the disabled and to help them to be integrated into the society. However, most of the disabled came from poor family and their mobility limitations was their major obstacle. Therefore, various aid equipments are needed to enable them to live independently.

With the generous support from the community and witness by Y.B. Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, we were able to provide 10 light weight wheelchair,3 motorcycles and 1 motorized wheelchair for their usage. We still in need of 35 light weight wheelchairs, 13 motorized wheelchairs and 23 three wheeled motorcycles. We hope the community will come forward to support our effort in helping more needy disabled to be more mobile.


amy said...

first, i would like to thank the blogger of this blog who cared bout us, 'the bananas'. thanks to the blogger who made such a wonderful effort to blog bilingually. i m trully grateful for that.

just wanna add sth here... Beautiful gate had really done great things to create awareness, give hope and confidence to the disabled community in pj as well in other areas in msia. Keep up to good work, pastor sia (the founder of this centre)!!! Keep on be the Light and Salt in the disabled community as well as the abled bodies!!! Praise the Lord

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