Thursday, October 05, 2006

电脑赠送移交仪式 Computer Handover Ceremony

美门残障关怀基金会一直积极为残障人士推动教育及培训计划,提供专业课程,鼓励他们装备自己以开拓更美好的将来。3月6日有幸获得实达基金会(SP SETIA FOUNDATION)捐赠10部高性能电脑,为残障学员提供更完善的学习设备。出席当天的电脑移交仪式的有实达基金会主席丹斯里李霖泰、房屋与地方政府部长夫人拿汀斯里张秀梅及拿汀侯婷婷等。

A computer handover ceremony was held at Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled on 6th March for 10 units of computer which were donated by SP Setia Foundation. With this new equipment Beautiful Gate will be able to provide a more pleasant learning environment for the disabled students in line with the aim & purpose of the Organization.

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