Thursday, October 05, 2006

自立生活技巧训练课程 Independent Living Programme

自立生活技巧训练课程(ILSTP)宗旨乃是协助残障人士在思想上、情感上及生活上自立。学员可从他们的亲身经历中学习面对困境, 迈向所设订的目标,处理自身的安全、个人卫生、烹煮、清洁、购物、办理户口来往、财政预算和社交活动。今年4月,我们分别在八打灵美门中心及甲洞美门中心开始推动课程,共有40个残障学员从中受惠。

参与课程的其中一位学员杨居顺先生,今年 44岁, 患上贝克尔肌肉萎缩症(肌肉退化疾病)。自从残障过后, 他被家人安置在疗养院,一切生活起居皆需依靠他人来协助。 在疗养院里, 他失去生命的自由和选择,这让他承受巨大压力和失望, 以致他对自己失去信心,对事业和前途也渐失去了盼望。

当他参加了自立生活技巧课程后, 他开始改变了思想观念和建立起自己的生命价值。 他学会了必要的知识和生活技能, 使他恢复自尊和自力。对于他,自立生活不再是遥不可及的事,因他已拥有一个实现梦想的机会,并于6月份毅然决定离开疗养院,投入自立生活的旅程。

The Independence Living Skill Training Program (ILSTP) is aimed to encourage disabled person on their mindset, relation and living to be independent and to help them live more positively. Participants gain real-life experience with such issues such as goals setting, safety, hygiene, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, banking, budgeting and socialization. In April, this training program was also conducted in our centre at Petaling Jaya and Kepong. There are currently forty disabled people benefited from such wonderful program.

Yeoh Kee Soon, 44 years old, was suffering from Becker Muscular Dystrophy (a muscles degeneration disease). After the onset of his disability, he was placed in a nursing home as he required assistants. In the nursing home, he had lack of freedom and do not have any choice for his daily needs. It caused tremendous pressure and frustration for him, it seem that he has lost his confident, hope, career and future.

However, when he participated in the independent living program, he began to change his mindset and established self worthiness of life. He gained necessary knowledge and skills, enabling him to regain self-esteem and self-reliance. He has an opportunity to make his dreams a reality; to him living an independent life is no longer difficult.

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amy said...

i always think that beautiful gate serve as a very good avenue for the disabled person to spread their wings... looking at their active involvements in Bg activities, i sense a hope in each and everyone of them.

at all time, i myself are awed by their determination to survive in this world. Praise the Lord for their strong will and their optimistic mind. Halleluyah!