Thursday, October 05, 2006

残障同胞和平请愿争取权益 Peace Rally


In the morning of 2nd Jan, 130 disabled and 100 volunteers took part in the rally organized by the Malaysian Independent Living Group. This is to enhance the public transport facility for the disabled. The rally was at Kepong Baru market adjacent to Beautiful Gate Rehabilitation Centre, covering a distance of 2 km until Kepong KTM station. The purpose of this rally was to lobby for the need of the disable for the construction of public infrastructures that are accessible to the disabled by the relevant authorities. It is also to appeal to KTM to modify the existing ramp which is not suitable for the disabled and also appeal to DBKL to enhance the pedestrian path in Kepong Baru. On 30th of April, similar rally was also held in Teluk Intan, and 16th July held in Klang.

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