Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Beautiful Gate Foundation Kampar Centre 金保美门残障教育中心

In the midst of our country’s fast paced development in knowledge-based economy, a group of disabled people is marginalized and they are unable to integrate into the mainstream of society today. Beautiful Gate Foundation Kampar Centre which plays their role as educational centre for the disabled was set-up in 1999. Its purpose is to provide educational opportunity for those marginalized disabled people especially those who have been deprived of an opportunity to education, and those of the younger age group.

Beautiful Gate Foundation Kampar Centre aspires to provide the disabled an opportunity in education and enhancement of their living skills, so that they can lead an independent and meaningful life in the future.The training program includes Languages Classes, Science & Mathematic, Computer Knowledge, Living Skills training, Hygiene & Moral Education, Geography & History, and Bible knowledge.



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